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Zitantique, a division of West Coast Trading Group, is an independent furniture dealer based in Berkeley, California.

hrough an exclusive arrangement with Kenlong Development Company Ltd., a leading Chinese classical furniture maker based in Beijing, China, Zitantique is pleased to supply museum quality, investment worthy furniture to United States and the International market. Zitantique specializes in furniture hand crafted from the zitan, but many furniture made from other hardwoods are typically available, as well. Zitantique offers with a range of traditional and modern designs, as well as bespoke joinery. In addition to the product catalog, we also offer design consultations through a network of seasoned furniture designers based in San Francisco and Beijing, who understand not only Chinese Classical Furniture design techniques, but also modern aesthetics. From design to delivery, the process typically lasts approximately nine to twelve weeks, depending on the type of wood and the style chosen.

A rare zitan scholar's brush pot made from African zitan timber as shown to the right. 7 pounds, 9" tall, 7" square. Mouse-over the left picture to see the details of the pot. ( Sold, please contact us for next shipment)

An unusual zitan canopy bed (210x190x145 cm) made with the same African zitan timber as shown to the right. Mouse-over the left picture to see the detail carving of the bed. (Special order, please contact us for pricing)


The core of the partnership between Zitantique and KenLong Development Company is a shared commitment to quality and environmentally responsibility, ensuring that only precious natural resources harvested in a sustainable fashion are used in cabinetmaking. One of the greatest challenges of making furniture using rare tropical hardwood is its scarcity and the daily loss of tropical habitat that supports it. After the late 19th century, most of the zitan in China had been depleted by over harvesting. Since it takes 300 hundred years for a zitan tree to mature, most of the material available today has been harvested from young zitan trees smuggled out of Southeast Asia. Unlike some manufacturers, KenLong has refused to import zitan from such sources and instead chooses to use other precious hardwood materials for cabinetmaking when zitan is unavailable.

Only recently has KenLong been able to locate a sustainable source of zitan: an island country off the coast of east Africa. Under the auspices of the Forestry Stewardship Council, the Africa Timber Organization and the Center for International Forestry Research, zitan trees are harvested only after they have reached full maturity and only in quantities that ensure that the resource will remain for the long term. KenLong obtains zitan timber only from suppliers who have complied with a stringent certification program and obtained permits for each of the trees to be exported. The majority of the funds paid for each zitan tree go directly to the country's environmental conservation program to replant zitan trees and support other environmental efforts. Zitantique prides itself on bringing fine examples of traditional Chinese joinery, made from the highest quality wood, while ensuring a supply of zitan for future generations.

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