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Welcome to Zitantique, a division of West Coast Trading Group. Zitantique specializes in classical Chinese fusion furniture and bespoke joinery made from zitan wood, an extremely rare and valuable tropical hardwood, previously thought to be extinct. All of our zitan is from 300 year old timbers, specially treated and prepared for each application.

Zitantique serves furniture connoisseurs, furniture collectors, design industry and high-end retail shops in the United States and overseas with a range of traditional and modern designs, made from zitan and other precious hardwoods.

hinese classical hardwood furniture, combining thousands of years accumulated craftsmanship and the use of prized tropical hardwoods, has long been considered a highlight of China's cultural heritage. Rarely found outside museums and private collections, Chinese classical hardwood furniture typically employs precious hardwoods, such as deep purple zitan, golden huanghuali, bright yellow huali, dark brown jichimu, and deep red hongmu, known in the west as mahogany.

Until now there has been little opportunity to obtain new furniture made by Chinese cabinetmakers using ancient, time-honored techniques. All of our pieces are hand crafted to the highest standards of traditional Chinese joinery by award-winning Chinese artisans. Before a piece is made, the wood undergoes a lengthy stabilization and oxygenation period in our warehouse facilities to ensure generations of use and enjoyment. Each piece has been constructed from handpicked logs that accentuate its unique design and construction challenges.

The items displayed online are just a sample of our product range. Zitantique is proud of its products and the ancient culture that has produced them. Only the most skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen are commissioned to produce our pieces, many of whom have been trained by the masters and work almost exclusively on museum pieces. Zitantique designs take the best of old and new, respecting ancient Chinese woodworking techniques while incorporating modern design cues.

We sincerely hope you enjoy these heirloom quality furniture pieces as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you.

Zitan Chair; Actual size=240 pixels wideThe most prized of all is zitan, an exceptionally rare tropical hardwood species. In ancient China, zitan was reserved for the imperial household and privileged citizens. Zitan's dense structure and grain is extremely durable, so heavy that it sinks in water. Over time, zitan darkens and develops a fine surface patina.

Zitan is virtually unknown in the West, and until recently was thought to be practically extinct. In the late 1990s a limited supply of zitan was discovered in an island country off the eastern coast of Africa.

The zitan trees on this island are over three hundred years old, and have reached their natural maturity. Under a special certification program, these zitan trees have been harvested and sold to the international market with proceeds benefiting environmental conservation programs. Zitantique's affiliated company KenLong Development Company, Ltd. based in the People's Republic of China, has been able to secure a large supply of this zitan for its production facility in Beijing. In October 2001 the island's government declared a moratorium on zitan exports. As a result, there are no new sources of certified, high quality, and mature zitan timber.

Through an exclusive arrangement with KenLong, Zitantique now offers fine handmade furniture made of zitan and other precious hardwoods.

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